Monday, July 21, 2014

VOTE! Vote for Brennan in the Spoiler TV Character Cup

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WhoSay: David Tweets Booth in Prison

(below) Cold day...Very cold. #BarsForBooth

(below) Deodorant of Choice in prison? Or just standard issue for things to come? #BehindBars

(below) Oil and Vinegar.

(below) Scotty my #Standin between #BoothsBoots #Bones10
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(YouTube Vid) Fox Stars at the Fox All Star Party 2014

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Eye-Opening Bones Panel This Friday

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(YouTube Vid) Lucky Fans

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Emily, Michaela, David and Tamara at TCA 2014 Party

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Pics: Emily Deschanel at the TCA 2014 Party

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Bones Cast Takes Selfies: TCA 2014 Party

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‘Bones’ season 10 spoilers: Are David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, cast filming yet?

The middle of July is a big milestone for the majority of network dramas, given that it tends to signify the start of production. This has been true for many of the series that we have discussed on this site as of late, and this is also true now for “Bones.”...

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Press Tour: July 2014 FOX Executive Session Live-Blog

Kevin Reilly is gone.
Dana Walden and Gary Newman won't be taking over and Chairmen and CEOs for the newly formed FOX Television Group until the end of the month.
That means that on Sunday (July 20) morning, our Television Critics Association press tour Fox Executive Session is with Fox Network Group CEO and Chairman Peter Rice, who hasn't met with us for several years and even when he did meet with us, it was always clear that he was far enough above the network's day-to-day that our questions weren't part of his thought process.
At least he'll be able to talk about the FOX executive restructuring, which will make for a buzz-y panel, I'm sure.
Click though and follow along...

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